Carolyn Minor-Daughtry, Unlimited - Author, Vocalist, Actress & Songwriter

About Us
Carolyn Minor-Daughtry, Unlimited is a business that write biblical children books, sing at functions such as weddings, birthday parties, churches, and funerals, and private functions.  Carolyn Minor Daughtry is an author, vocalist, songwriter, and actress. The company is located in Virginia. Here at Carolyn Minor Daughtry, Unlimited we believe children are our future and we feel we should always give love.  "I am fearfully and wonderfully made", a children's book of inspiration and the latest book, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" have been on demand. Carolyn Minor Daughtry, Unlimited is now preparing for the very first novel, "The Inner Me, the affair before and after to be released early 2015. She is the writer for 1 million souls ministry blog ( The blog consist of scriptures to spiritually empower people daily lives. She have been singing for over 20 years, and has sung at numerous churches, weddings, and parties, and other functions.  She has been a back-up vocalist for artist such as Kurt Carr, Kirk Franklin, Beverly Crawford, and more.  Recently (2014), Carolyn portray Shug Avery in the Broadway musical "The Color Purple." That was Carolyn's first stage play and she was one of the nominees for The Best Supporting Actress in a Musical. Since then Carolyn has performed in a number of stage plays, appeared in multiple commercials,and portrayed a contraband singer on the hit WCVE show Mercy Street, season 1 episode 6 and season 2 episodes 1 & 6.  Carolyn is now preparing for her very first solo project and novel. Carolyn has a very promising future and she's excited.​​

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